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Raser the Black Sanding Set

$52.00 $56.00

The Raser the black sanding set includes everything you need for sanding and polishing a plastic model kit. With two different grits of sandpaper, surface imperfections will be sanded away with ease, and two fine foam core polishing sticks will leave a beautiful finish.

The adhesive backed sand paper is adhered to the loop side of the sanding stick. The loops provide a strong connection with the paper, allowing you to sand both wet or dry. When clogged, the sandpaper can easily be removed from the loop side and easily replaced with a new piece.

Supplied with:

  • Raser the Black 1ea
  • Balancer Grey 1ea
  • Balancer White 1ea
  • 400 Grit Adhesive Backed "Sanding Loop" sandpaper Sheet 1ea
  • 600 Grit Adhesive Backed "Sanding Loop" sandpaper Sheet 1ea