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All prices on the website are based on Canadian Dollars. You can use the dropdown at the top of the page to convert the currency displayed to many popular currencies.

Production Times?

Masking stencils: 1-3 Business Days

White or Black waterslide decals: 1-3 Business Days

Coloured or Metallic waterslide decals: 5-7 Business days depending on when in the production cycle they are ordered.

Objective Markers: 2-5 Business Days

Tokens, Templates & Organizers: 2-5 Business Days.


Waterslide transfers, objective markers, masking stencils, and any wood/MDF products are made to order and can not be returned or refunded. If you have any concerns if they are right for you - please send an E-mail in advance of your order.

How do I work with waterslide decals?

It is strongly recommended that you use decal solvent to help waterslide decals conform to curved surfaces, and decal sealant to form a permanent bond. Decals adhere best to gloss surfaces, which will also hide the edges better.

Do you do custom work?


Most common are colour changes to existing designs - these are generally at no additional cost. 

Send an E-mail with the details of what you would like done, and we'll direct you as to how to purchase the custom order on the website. most custom work will require vector artwork in order to cut or engrave. Custom objective markers can be made with high resolution jpg artwork.

Where is Light Industries Located?

Light Industries operates out of a little town just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How are purchases shipped?

Purchases are shipped via Canada Post as airmail/expedited small packages.

Are masking stencils reusable?

Yes! If they are carefully removed from the piece they can be reused several times. If they have been reshaped with heat, they may not be reusable.

How do I use a masking stencil?

Using a "Dry spray" is recommended. I mixture that is a high percentage of air to paint. More information is available here.

How can I share what I've done with your products?

We'd love for you to share your work! You can either share it on the Light Industries facebook page, or on Instagram #lightindustries 


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