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Resin Detailing Parts

Who are the detailing parts made by?

Detailing parts produced by Zinge industries in the UK.

What are the detailing parts made out of?

Parts are made from resin for solid parts, or flexible polyurethane resin for flexible parts like cables.

Are the wrapped wires the same as guitar string?


Posable wrapped wire is handmade with soft metals allowing for positioning and bent with complex curves without the spring or irregular curves that occur with guitar wire. Also it wont snap in your model like thin resin alternatives. Using higher gauge wires then guitar wire also means that once sprayed the recesses still remain prominent so dry brushing will still pick out the detail.

How do I clean the mould lines?

Like any resin parts, mould lines are a part of the casting process. With solid resin parts, they can be filed or sanded, and may require some filler to perfect the same. (Use a dust mask when working).

Flexible resin does not sand or file well. For these parts a sharp knife works best. 

Removing Parts from the sprue?

For solid resin parts, they can be easily removed with a knife, clippers or a small saw depending on the thickness. In many cases smaller parts may separate from the sprue during transport.

For flexible resin parts, they must be removed with something that can clip thin wire (So don't use your expensive single bladded nippers!). As the flexible wire used to help shape the parts must be cut through.

Irregularities or inconsistencies

Lengths are approximate, there may one some variance in length. There also may be colour variations from different casting batches.

Waterslide Decals

How do I work with waterslide decals?

It is strongly recommended that you use decal solvent to help waterslide decals conform to curved surfaces, and decal sealant to form a permanent bond. Decals adhere best to gloss surfaces, which will also hide the edges better.


Commercially printed decals that come in model kits are run in print runs of 100s-1000s. This allows for screen printing the decals which results in the most solid colours.

Light Industries decals are made to order using a laser printer. This flexibility allows for more specific orders and custom orders but with some compromise. Black ink has 99-100% opacity. White decals and coloured decals have approximately a 90-95% opacity. This means that when placed on very dark colours, they may not have the contrast expected (ie, Red on black), or if the decal spans across 2 colours (ie, on camo) the colour changes underneath may be noticeable. This isn't an issue on a solid colour. The darker the colour, the higher the opacity as more black is added into the colour mix.

Masking Stencils

How do I use a masking stencil?

Using a "Dry spray" is recommended. I mixture that is a high percentage of air to paint.

More information is available here.

Custom Work

Do you do custom work?


Most common are colour changes to existing designs - these are generally at no additional cost. 

Send an E-mail with the details of what you would like done, and we'll direct you as to how to purchase the custom order on the website. most custom work will require vector artwork in order to cut or engrave. Custom objective markers can be made with high resolution jpg artwork.

Typical Production Times

Masking stencils: 1-3 Business Days

Black, White & Coloured waterslide decals: 3-14 Business Days based on production cycle and order volume

Metallic waterslide decals: 3-30 Business days depending on when in the production cycle they are ordered. Gold and Silver are not available at the same time, so if Silver is currently in production, gold will not be printed until it changes. This can take weeks.

Objective Markers: 3-7 Business Days

These times are typical, but occasionally orders may not fit within them (especially around new years)


Where is Light Industries Located?

Light Industries operates out of a little town just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All packages ship from here. I do this as a part time side project, so there is no brick and mortar location to pick up from.

Time till shipped

Orders are typically shipped on Tuesdays.

Free Shipping

Decal orders over $30 ship for free in the USA and Canada. Orders over $40 ship for free to the rest of the world.

How are purchases shipped?

Purchases are shipped via Canada Post

Why don't you ship to the UK/Europe

Blame Brexit. Long story short - I would have to collect duties on behalf of your governments and then send those taxes to them. This is just a side project for me, and I don't have the time to navigate international duty and tax collection.


Waterslide transfers, objective markers, masking stencils, and any wood/MDF products are made to order and can not be returned or refunded. If you have any concerns if they are right for you - please send an E-mail in advance of your order.

Social Sharing

How can I share what I've done with your products?

We'd love for you to share your work! You can either share it on the Light Industries facebook page, or on Instagram #lightindustries