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Masking Stencil Information

Masking Stencil General Information:

BluBot Masking Stencils are a painting aid designed for use when painting scale models and miniatures. They are ideally suited for use with an airbrush, but may also be used with a sponge, spray can or dry brush. 

Blubot masking stencils are made from a thin low tac adhesive backed vinyl that is resistant to damage from the chemicals in paints. The adhesive backing helps to secure the pattern in place without worry of it moving. Mask removal is simple and will not remove underlying layers of paint as long as the surface was properly primed, and completely dry.

While the vinyl used does have some stretch in it normally, applying heat with a hairdryer can greatly increase the amount. This is ideal when masking complex or contoured surfaces. This may reduce reusability.

Stencils can be reused if they they are removed carefully and stored carefully between uses. They can be stored on almost any smooth/glossy surface. Wax paper is not recommended.


When painting a "Dry Spray" is recommended. While stencils are adhesive they do not form a water tight seal. Paint that is too watery will run under the stencil. Spraying should be done with a high percentage of air to paint so the paint dries instantly on contact with the paint surface.


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