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Raser Origin Gate Remover

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The RASER is a polishing tool made of tempered glass to remove gate marks on plastic model kit parts.

Designed specifically to smooth parts without risk of damaging them, so even beginners can use it safely. 

Trim the gate marks close to the surface with nippers and use the RASER. Gate marks will be smoothed out and removed.

400 Grit

Usage Instructions

  • Raser does not clog, but plastic powder adheres after polishing. If left untreated, the polishing power will decrease, so be sure to clean it after use.
  • Raser is made of tempered glass for safety, but please note that laser could be broken with external shock or dropping.
  • Polishing tools can be washed with water. If it becomes dirty, it can be reused after washing with water and drying.
  • Suitable for use on styrene plastics. Do not use on metal.