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Digital Camo Masking Stencil


Mask off complex digital camo patterns easily with masking stencils. Spray down a base colour, Then add a layer of well spread out shapes. Spray another colour. Without removing the first set of masks, add another layer of masks filling in some of the gaps, then spray your third colour and you have a 3 colour digital camo pattern. More layers will allow for more colours of masking. 

Sizing Grid:

XS: 0.75mm
S: 1.1mm
M: 1.5mm
L: 3mm

Masking stencils are adhesive backed translucent vinyl used to help you mask off a painting surface. While best used an airbrush, it's possible to achieve good results with spray paint or dry brushing as well. 

Masking Stencil General Information

Masking stencils come with 2 copies of the sheet, each measuring 5"x6" (128x152mm), One as pictured, and one mirrored (if applicable).