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Circles Masking Stencil


These precut circle masks for masking of circular features on model kits make it much easier to get a tight circle to shape than cutting it by hand and masking with several smaller pieces in a ring.

Sizing Diameter:

S: 2-7mm in 0.5mm increments
M: 7.5-10mm in 0.5mm increments
L: 10.5-12.5mm in 0.5mm increments

Masking stencils are adhesive backed translucent vinyl used to help you mask off a painting surface. While best used an airbrush, it's possible to achieve good results with spray paint or dry brushing as well. 

Masking Stencil General Information

Masking stencils come with 2 copies of the sheet, each measuring 5"x6" (128x152mm), One as pictured, and one mirrored (if applicable). 

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