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Table Border System



With many events changing to the new 44x60" table size standard - many of us are left with oversized mats that we have to mark off for new deployment zones. Make use of that extra space and don't cut up your mats! Add a table border system on top of your mat.

The table border system restricts the playable space on your table to the 44x60" standard for Warhammer 40,000 Strike Force Missions. When not in use, the entire table border system can be stored within itself.

The table border system includes markings to help set up your deployment zones faster, deployment zone markers and wound tokens. Each player has their own dice tray with command point trackers for both sides as well as a round tracker. 

Custom engraving options are available for both the foam or any other surfaces. Please contact us to discuss your custom needs. 

Orders of this product will begin to ship in Early December.

*Prototype images shown - Final design may have some differences.