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Decal and Objective marker production is currently at approximately 1 week due to the pandemic.

Light Industries

Part Organizer Trays


These Mecha/Sci-Fi themed parts trays help you keep your workspace organized while you work on kit bash projects, or need a place to store smaller tools and items.

Each tray has an interior storage size of 5"x5"x1.125" - large enough to hold the vast majority of parts for your kit bash project. The bottom is lined with a removable foam bottom to provide a soft surface for the parts to rest on.

Sets are numbered 1-3, or 1-6 to help you organize parts and keep track of the contents in each tray. For example: Smallest parts in tray one, Other parts in tray 2, and parts of the build that are finished in tray 3. 

When you need to clean up your workspace, or move the parts to a new area; simply stack the trays and their footprint is greatly reduced, while keeping all your parts organized.

Trays are made from lightweight plywood and can be sanded to smooth out the finish and remove burn marks from the production process. No glue is required for assembly.