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ITC Complete Deck


Looking for an easier way to track your missions, objectives and deployment zones for ITC missions?

These mission decks include everything you need to play ITC missions except the score sheet.

Included are:

  • Primary Objectives Deck
  • Secondary Objectives Deck
  • Deployment Map Deck

The primary objective deck includes all primary objectives for missions 1-6, as well as an overview card that explains deployment for each mission. Mission/deployment rules are colour coded.

The secondary objective deck allows you to easily select which secondary missions you'll be using, and how they will be scored. Missions are colour coded and labeled as either "Does Stack" or "Does Not Stack". An overview card is in included with general information for scoring secondary objectives.

The Deployment Map Deck includes all all 6 deployment maps, including all relevant measurements, including edge measurements for Vanguard Strike. 

They are sized the same as army data cards, so they can be stored in the same box if the Tactical Objective cards plus a few additional cards you aren't using are removed. 

Includes 29 rigid, coated cards. 

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