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Decal and Objective marker production is currently at approximately 1 week due to the pandemic.

Light Industries

Gaming Card Caddy


Keeping all the cards associated with your army is becoming an ever more complex task. With the addition of supplements adding options and more cards to each army, keeping them organized and easy to access can be a bit of a challenge.

Divided into 6 sections to categorize cards easily.

The symbol on the front, the text on the tabs and text on the side can be customized to suit your needs - just send an e-mail to with what you'd like. 

The inside of the map has deployment maps for your convenience and reference so they're always on hand at the start of the game.

Made from 3mm plywood, and a magnetically secured top, the caddy is incredibly light weight and strong. While glue is not required for assembly, it may be added for extra strength and security. 

**engraved graphics are for display purposes only. They can be customized to your preferences.