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Decal and Objective marker production is currently at approximately 1 week due to the pandemic.

Light Industries

Game Counter Dial Set

$37.00 $50.00

Remove the risk of knocking over or accidentally picking up the dice being used to mark wounds, command points and more. With the Light Industries counter dials, it easy to keep track of command points, victory points and wounds for your miniature game sets.

The dials are made out of high quality plywood and come fully assembled and ready to game.

The counter dial set is supplied with 13 dials:

3 Large Remaining Wounds Dials: 1-22

1 Large Victory Points Dial: 1-22

1 Medium Command Points Dial: 1-14

3 Medium Remaining Wounds Dials: 1-14

5 Small Remaining Wounds Dials: 1-5

Counters are also available individually here:

Command Points, Remaining Wounds, Victory Points