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Decal and Objective marker production is currently at approximately 1 week due to the pandemic.

Light Industries

The Paint Rack MKII


When you start running out of space to place things - sometimes the only solution is to build up! The MKII Paint Rack is designed to stack with a frame adding about 60% more paint with a minimal footprint increase. 

The top stand attaches to the bottom stand via magnets, and each frame can attach to additional frames via magnets as you expand your workspace.

The rack is 10.5"W by 8.5"D when assembled.



    Dropper Bottle: (69)

    • Vallejo (Model, Game, Mecha & Air)
    • Scale 75
    • Secret Weapon Miniatures
    • Army Painter
    • Ammo by Mig Jimenez Paints
    • AK Interactive

    P3/Citadel (50)

    • Privateer Press
    • Forgeworld
    • Citadel
    • Citadel Contrast Paints & Inks (tall bottles)

    Bottle: (50)

    • Mig Jimenez Weathering Pigments & Washes
    • Mission Models
    • Vallejo Pigments

    Rather than using holes to hold every individual paint, Light Industries paint racks are tilted back to hold paints in position without risk of them falling off the stand. This makes it easier to access and return paints to the rack as needed.


    **No glue or tools required for assembly - just a solid surface - though PVA/wood glue may be used for even stronger bonds.