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Decal and Objective marker production is currently at approximately 1 week due to the pandemic.

Light Industries

Tournament Point Tracker


Available in two sizes, these tournament trackers help you keep track of the points in your games without the need of battery power, or a pencil and paper. Both sizes allow you to track your primary objective for turns 2-5, as well as your secondary objective, which can be selected and placed on the tracker. The larger size ads the addition of a round counter, as well as a command point tracker for both you and your opponent. 

The dials are held in with magnets to help make sure they don't fall off or get lost. 

Both versions are supplied with a complete selection of secondary mission objective tokens including a mission specific and a faction specific one (not pictured).

The design can be easily customized with an army or faction icon of your choice, as well as a quote relevant to your army (contact us with the text and name of faction who's icon you would like to use)

Small: 180x125mm
Large: 220x125mm

Made from plywood, these tournament point trackers can be sanded to remove burn marks from the laser process, as well as smoothing the surface.