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Battlefield Role Waterslides


Every army looks better with heraldry. Take your army to the next level with chapter badges for use on shoulders and vehicles. 
  • 50 Up Arrows (5mm)
  • 25 Multi Direction Arrows  (5mm)
  • 25 Veteran Arrows  (5mm)
  • 25 Skulls (5mm)
  • 5 Up Arrows (11mm)
  • 3 Multi Direction Arrows  (11mm)
  • 3 Veteran Arrows  (11mm)
  • 2 Skulls  (11mm)

Each sheet measures 8.25"x 5.75" (21cm X 15 cm)

Decal solvent and decal set is recommended for best results. These products help the decals conform to curved surfaces, and increase durability, as well as help to hide the decal edges.

Additional colours available by request

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